TTS Records to release first Three-Sided-Single in September!


We're thrilled to announce that TTS's own Friendship Commanders will be releasing a Three-Sided-Single for Cassette Store day, 2014! This year, CSD will be on September 27th, with in-store events, shows and releases all over the U.S. and England. 

FC are hard at work in the studio with their three songs, and there should be more news about the details soon. For now, we do know that the artwork for the single will be done by B. David Walsh, musician and artist extraordinaire. Check back for more updates about this and other releases!



Welcome to the brand new site! It's still a work in progress, but now all of the TTS projects and their respective releases can be found in one place - so we're on our way to good, good things. 

The year is almost at a close after an exciting, full twelve months. We get to kick off 2014 with Boey Russell's first full-length album release in January! Until then, please check out the song that he collaborated with Buick Audra on; it's called "Genevieve," and we hope you love it. It's a free download for a limited time, but if you choose to pay for it, your money will go toward Retinitis Pigmentosa research. 

Thanks again, and Happy new year!