Two big announcements today!

First, the debut single from Friendship Commanders' BILL album is here! We're so happy to share "HORRIFY" with you all. Links to the song on different platforms below, as well as a link to the video for it, directed by Jerry Roe, shot by Jerry Roe and Perry Bean! Special thanks to Kat Jones, EJ Holmes Dawson, and Perry Bean for their incredible help. Song written by Buick Audra; produced by Steve Albini and FC. Cover photo by Zach Barocas; art and layout by Buick Audra and Ric Simenson. If you're interested, the lyrics are at the very bottom of this post .


Second, you can now pre-order the BILL album! We're offering it on vinyl, CD, and as a digital download, of course. There are even a handful of extra special bundles available, in which you can get a handmade skinny necktie made by Buick herself (she has a line of ties called B. Arson Neckwear) and a copy of the album on CD or vinyl. 


We destroy that which we love; it sometimes feels safer than the alternative. But tearing down another person or a relationship also tears down part of the self. It’s a temporary fix for a bigger problem. We’d be wise to look inward instead of at the faults of others, but where’s the fun in that? In short: friendship is hard.

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HORRIFY COVER(3000px square RGB) (3) (1).jpg


I’ll show you orphans sleeping on pavement
I’ll show you hopeless human arrangements
I’ll show you lands with no leaders - but laws against reform
still, I’m a monster, or so you have stated

are you horrified?
tell me again
are you horrified?
tell me all about the different lie you’re living with this time

one epidemic gave birth unto another
the child who struggled to thrive became a mother
then all the factors collide to rob the childhood from the child
still, you insist that I’m the enemy, the other

give me a rag to wash the makeup off my face
take off my costume, let me stand here in my place
I’m just a person in need of basic decency and grace
still, you reject me!
you say I’m not the same

are you horrified?
tell me again
are you horrified?
tell me all about the different life you’re living in this time
and this: are you are horrified?

if I were dying, you could love me
but I’m living, so you can’t
if I were dying, you could love me
but I’m living, so you can’t
if I were dying, you could love me
but I’m living, so you can’t
if I were dying, you could love me
but you can’t

are you horrified?
tell me again
are you horrified?
tell me all about the different ways you’re winning at this life
and this: are you horrified?
tell me again
are you horrified?


We're thrilled to finally share the release date of the second album by Friendship Commanders, BILL: October 5th, 2018. They made the record with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago IL. The first single, "Horrify," releases on all digital platforms on August 17th! There will be more to come between then and the album's release, so please be sure to follow, like, and subscribe to FC wherever you get your music! Links below.

From FC: As a body of work, BILL is about to trying to be a human and know other humans during inhumane times. Part of that is reckoning with one's self, part of that is either accepting those around us or letting them go. And yet another part of that is making sure that we're not just focusing on our own success and safety, but those of the community around us. It's time for tolerance and service and hope, not destroying one another and ourselves.

The stunning album cover photo was taken by Zach Barocas. The design was done by Buick Audra and Ric Simenson.


BILL (Square cover).png

Also, FC are doing some dates with ROYAL THUNDER next month! Dates below. Additional tour dates in support of the new album to come soon!

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Happy almost Spring! Friendship Commanders are heading back to Texas for their second year of Houston Punkfest at the end of April! Also, they're doing a hometown show with RED FANG on May 4th! Tickets are available now HERE

In addition to those shows, check out the RAISE YOUR VOICE tour! They've decided to travel to some of the states with the lowest voter turnout numbers in recent elections and offer voter registration options right at the shows. In states that have any kind of online voter registration, they'll have electronic registration stations. In states where you still have to fill out paperwork, they'll have that, too! FC believe in everyone's right to have a say, and voting is part of that process. Plus, these shows will be rad hangs. Dates below, and more will be added to this list! Be sure to track them on Bandsintown for updates and additional events.

Last, we know we haven't told you when the new record will be out. Soon, friends. Soon.

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  • 04/28/18 --- Houston Punkfest, Houston TX

  • 05/03/18 --- Crosstown Arts, Memphis TN

  • 05/04/18 --- Exit/In, Nashville TN

  • 05/06/18 --- Resonator, Norman OK

  • 05/08/18 --- The Spruce Goose, Houston TX

  • 05/10/18 --- Revolution Cafe, Bryan TX

  • 05/11/18 --- Workers Revival Fest, Kansas City MO

  • 05/12/18 --- Replay Lounge, Lawrence KS

  • 05/13/18 --- Burlington Bar, Chicago IL

  • 05/14/18 --- The Root Cellar, Bloomington IN

  • 05/16/18 --- 123 Pleasant St., Morgantown WV

  • 05/18/18 --- JJ's Bohemia, Chattanooga TN

  • 05/19/18 --- Kavarna, Decatur GA

  • 05/24/18 --- PG, Evansville IN

  • 05/25/18 --- The Cure Lounge, Louisville KY

Red Fang Poster w_FC outline.jpg

Friendship Commanders made a new album with Steve Albini!

Good things are on their way in 2018! FC went into the studio with Steve Albini at the end of November and they have a new album to show for it. Stay tuned for announcements about that release and corresponding tours.


Huge thanks to all who supported TTS releases in 2017. It was such a pleasure to put out the Resolution of Happiness compilation (benefitting Lambda Legal) and FC's JUNEBUG 7" (partially benefitting the ACLU). We have a new Facebook page, so be sure to like us over there and follow the song of the day posts. We're celebrating fifteen years of releasing music this year and it's been a blast to revisit the catalog.

We look forward to more output in the new year!

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Today is the day! The Resolution of Happiness compilation is out! The nineteen song album can now be purchased on CD or as a digital download.

The release 100% benefits Lambda Legal, na invaluable resource for the LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS communities. The contributing bands are from all over the country - and there's even one artist in Berlin! The musical genres span Punk, Country, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Post-Punk, Experimental, Indie . . . there is truly something for everyone!

The cover art was done by illustrator Karen Mooney (@moongerm) in Chicago, the graphic layout was done by Veronica Leto (@eveyinorbit) and Buick. The mastering was done by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering in Nashville. 

Please support this labor of love and intention. Happy Pride!

Respect and PMA,


Pre-order Resolution of Happiness // A Radical Resistance Compilation!


Buick Audra here. I'm beyond thrilled to say that you can now pre-order the Resolution of Happiness comp! It will be out on CD and digital download on 6/23, but you can pre-order it now and get one track ahead of time.

This project has been a massive labor of love by a community of musicians and artists who believe in uniting for change. The comp features music by nineteen bands and artists, a stunning cover illustration by Karen Mooney (aka "Moongerm"), impeccable mastering by Alex McCollough of True East Mastering, and graphics and layout by Veronica Leto and myself. It's really something.

The most important thing that I can say about it the comp is that it 100% benefits Lambda Legal, an organization that fights for the LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS communities. We must support this important work now more than ever.

We hope to have your support, and we certainly hope you enjoy the music.

Last, I'm heading out on tour with Friendship Commanders next week for about ten days of shows and other creative collaborations. Hope to see you out there!

With respect and PMA, 



Hello, all!

Happy day: the JUNEBUG EP by Friendship Commanders is out today! We're very proud to be able to share it with you all and hope you enjoy it. It was made in the spirit of collaboration and community, and as such, will partially benefit the ACLU. For this record, FC collaborated with Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Classics of Love), covered a song by Nashville's own Iodine, called in a German translation, and wrote a song for some friends of theirs. It's a diverse and different body of work for them.

The 7" can now be purchased here, from FC's pages, at their live shows, and at these fine retailers: Grimey'sFond ObjectThe Groove, and Atomic Nashville.

And, they made a video for one of the songs on the EP, "Berlin." Appreciation to Harvey Milk and Cleve Jones; additional appreciation to Gilbert Baker

"Berlin" from JUNEBUG by Friendship Commanders.  ℗ & © Trimming The Shield Records, 2017.


We appreciate you and your continued support

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Pre-order the new Friendship Commanders EP, JUNEBUG!


We're excited to announce that the new Friendship Commanders EP, JUNEBUG, can now be pre-ordered! It will be released on April 15th, and will only be available on 7" vinyl with digital download. You'll be able to get it at Grimey's in Nashville, at their live shows, and online. Pre-ordered records will ship on April 18th. One song from the EP will be yours as soon as you pre-order your copy. We hope you enjoy it!

This record is special because each song was inspired by or contributed to by people outside of the band. "Fighting Shape" was inspired by BELLS≥ and is dedicated to them. "Tragedy Chaser" was co-written by Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Classics of Love). "Berlin" features a German translation by N. A. Huebsch Jr., and "Swan Dive" was written by Jay Joyce and originally performed by his band, Iodine. In the spirit of community and collaboration, one dollar of every copy sold will be given to the ACLU.

Also, submissions for the Resolution of Happiness compilation are open through April 23rd! Send us your original music to be part of Radical Resistance! Read more about that here.

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Resolution of Happiness, a Radical Resistance Compilation

Hello, friends!

We're calling for submissions to our forthcoming release, Resolution of Happiness, a Radical Resistance Compilation. The proceeds will benefit Lambda Legal, an incredible legal resource for the LGBTQ and HIV+ communities. Please share with anyone you know who might be interested in contributing! For your ease, there is also a Facebook event for it. Details below. Thanks for stopping by!

WHAT: A music compilation to be digitally released by Trimming the Shield Records
HOW: Submit an original (previously unreleased) piece of music
WHY: Participate in the resistance by pursuing your own happiness
WHEN: Submissions are open from February 23 to April 23, 2017

Let's be radically resistant. Let's be happy and purposeful and loud together. Happiness is not pretend, escape, or denial. It is our right - even amidst this time of turmoil, anger, and confusion. We are still allowed to seek happiness in whatever way(s) we each define it. If you are interested, have questions, doubts, excitement, or cheer, send to: More details about how to participate will be announced in coming weeks.


"Hope will never be silent."
-Harvey Milk

"Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose."
-Helen Keller



We're thrilled to announce that Friendship Commanders will be releasing their first 7" record on April 15th, a collection of four songs that were all inspired by or contributed to by outside people. The record is called JUNEBUG and it will be available here, on their site, bandcamp, at their live shows, and in select retail stores. Only 300 copies are being pressed, so be sure to grab one.

Keep and eye on their tour dates to see if they're coming to your city this Spring!

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