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by Friendship Commanders


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TTS057 - released October 5, 2018

B. Arson - guitar and vocals

Jerry Roe - drums, bass, and harmony vocals

All songs by B. Arson

(Buick Audra Music / BMI)

Produced by Steve Albini and Friendship Commanders

Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, Chicago IL

Mixed by Jerry Roe at Fort Knockout, Nashville TN

Mastered by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service, Chicago IL

Front cover photo by Zach Barocas

Back cover photo by Iris Robert

Graphic design and layout by Buick Audra and Ric Simenson

FC would like to thank Steve Albini, Matthew Barnhart, Zach Barocas, Iris Robert, Ric Simenson, Mark Vieira, Dave Johnson, John Capito, Electrical Audio, Chicago Mastering Service, Chicago Diner, fluffy coffee, and Rocky y Tommy.

Jerry Roe would like to thank Johnny Craviotto and Craviotto Drums, Fork’s Drum Closet, Chris Brewer, Joe Testa, Nathaniel Mela, and Scott Garrison.

B. Arson would like to thank Tom Spaulding and D’Addario, MESA, the family, the women, and Lois.