Boey Russell is an American indie-rock singer/songwriter, drummer, recording artist, and music producer. Boey was born in Homestead, FL and was raised between Miami and Boston, MA where he attended Berklee College of Music. He spent eight years as the drummer for the hard rock trio, 33 Slade, and continues to play drums for several established projects in the Boston area.

Russell’s self-titled first album was released on January of 2014 to much anticipation, and will soon be followed by a string of shows featuring his solo work throughout the North America. His unique style soulfully blends his experience as a pocket drummer playing in dancehall, reggae, hip hop, and Americana bands, as well as the traditional folk and R&B his musician parents performed throughout his childhood. Listeners are taken aback by the honesty in Boey’s voice and sincerity of his prose, which touches on subjects that may not have otherwise been appropriate for the tender-hearted. 

Boey's transition from a full-time working drummer to a songwriter and recording artist was inspired and accelerated by a two year state prison sentence, served between 2008 and 2010. It was in that unusual setting that his own musical concepts took root, providing the foundation for what would become his debut album. More than half of the songs were written during his stay, and the rest, shortly after his release. He called upon his sister and longtime musical collaborator, Buick Audra, to help bring the recordings into existence. Audra, a two-time Grammy award winner acted as co-producer. The record was recorded between Boston and Nashville, where it was also mixed by Eric McConnell of Van Lear Rose fame.