Rose Ink cover-001.jpg

TTS034 - ROSE INK CD (EP) - $10 

This was Buick Audra's debut solo release. It is a stripped-down set of recordings of Buick playing one electric guitar track per song and singing. These eight songs were recorded in August of 2004, but not released until June of 2006.

The packaging is screen-printed cardboard, done by the very cool artists at Stumptown, Portland OR.  The cover image was done by famed tattoo artist, Scott Campbell. Graphic layout by Corey Tatarczuk.


Singer cover-001.jpg

TTS038 - SINGER CD (LP) - $12

This body of work was Buick's first full-length effort as a solo artist, wherein she explored a variety of new production ideas and sounds, as well as songwriting approaches.

We're running low on this release and will have to resort to selling the promotional copies until we can print up a new run. Until then, it's a full-color digipak with a sixteen-page color booklet of images and lyrics. Corey Tatarczuk shot the cover photo and did the graphic layout. The "Singer" logo was done by reputable tattoo artist Ram Hannan of Pumpkin Tattoo, Jamaica Plain MA.

Family Album cover-001.jpg


This is Buick's most recent solo project. It includes contributions by twenty-two members of her families of origin and choice. Buick recorded songs by/with her mother, biological father, brother and songwriting legend and family friend, Fred Neil.

This release has a full-color eco-jacket with a sixteen page color booklet, containing family photos, lyrics and a mission statement. Again, there is a customized title by Ram Hannan, and the cover photo was taken by Mario Quintero. Graphic layout by Ric Simenson.


TTS037 - "Going Home" CD (single)  - $2

This single went out to radio ahead of the Singer album, and there are a limited number of hard copies of it. The song pays tribute to Buick's hometown of Miami.

This single comes in a jewel case with full-color artwork. The photography and graphic layout was all done by Corey Tatarczuk.


TTS039 - "The Streets of My Town" CD (single) - $2

This was the second single released from Singer.  We have a limited number of hard copies of it. The song talks about Brooklyn, and the artwork was all shot there, in the Park Slope neighborhood.

This single comes in a jewel case with full-color artwork. The photography and graphic layout was all done by Corey Tatarczuk



These little buttons are one inch across and have dark purple printing on a lighter purple background.  They have the Family Album heart logo on them.