merch, shows, stoked

Friendship Commanders have had a rad year of getting started, and are looking forward to conquering all in 2014. They finally have physical copies of their debut release, the AMOS EP. We had CDs made, as well as a limited run of fifty cassettes - all hand-numbered! They played a couple of great shows in October and November and have two already lined up for January. Please be sure to check out their tour page for details. 

Since they tracked their EP, they went from being a two-piece project (with a third guy for shows), to being a full-time trio. They happily added Cody MCall to the line-up after two strong shows with him. When you see them live from her out, he'll be the smiling dude who is kicking ass on bass.

FC are working on songs for a full-length album that they're planning to record in the coming year. Updates about that will be posted here as we get them!

Have a great new year, and thanks for stopping by.