the album is here!

The self-titled album by Boey Russell is finally out. A labor of honesty and expression, this body of work tells the stories of a man faced with himself and the choices of his past. We're so proud to be the label behind this powerful and brave effort. The digital album is for sale today, and physical copies will be available in April. Here are Boey's words of thanks for this album. Enjoy his brilliant work!

"I thank everyone who helped in the making of this record of music. Jerry Roe, for your masterful skill, your amazing touch and big heart. Nate, for your beautiful tone, deep pocket and complete understanding. Eric Lane, for your incredible ideas, and your wild spirit. Barry, for lending us your home to start this record, your great friendship and always showing up. Andrew, for your support of this project , all the gigs and long commutes. Foley, for always being on board, and great sounds and ideas. My wife Lisa, for your love and support and our wonderful life. Mom, for passing the music along to me, and for taking great care of the dogs when I'm gone for weeks at a time. Eric McConnell, for letting me into your house to mix this thing and doing such a amazing job. Buick, for all the long trips, countless hours, great engineering, creative fire and for helping me realize the creation and the completion of this record."