Friendship Commanders on the road and a new single by Buick Audra!


Friendship Commanders have some short tours lined up throughout the summer. Several dates are already, with many more yet to be announced. Check back!


6/07/15 --- Exponent Manor, Nashville TN

6/12/15 --- Star Bar, Atlanta GA

6/13/15 --- Sluggo's, Pensacola FL

6/28/15 --- The Nick, Birmingham AL

8/08/15 --- Radio Room, Greenville SC

8/14/15 --- Kaiju, Louisville KY

8/15/15 --- PG, Evansville IN

8/16/15 --- Crush Grove, Bloomington IN

8/29/15 --- Turn One, Nashville TN

Also, last month Buick Audra released her first solo single in four years, "Brother Blue." It was one of two songs she performed at the Re-Visioning Justice conference in April, the other being a brand new piece called "Relievers." She wrote this song in 2008 as part of a body of work that she intended to turn into an album called Love & Lightning

As she was leaving the conference, a woman stopped her and asked if there was a recording of "Brother Blue" that she could purchase. Buick told her the truth, that there wasn't. She looked quite disappointed and added that she wanted to give it to someone whose loved one was about to be incarcerated. Buick decided to record it for them. Jerry Roe and Derek Wells were both available and willing to contribute their talents and time to the recording, and here it is. 

Any money that is made from this recording will be donated to Jail Guitar Doors, an organization that works to provide inmates with music equipment as a means for rehabilitation. Buick believes in rehabilitation and recovery, for all people. She - and we at TTS - believe in finding ways to be compassionate and supportive. 

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