B.A. signs with D'Addario, New EP for FC in October, and New Merch!


We have all kinds of news around here: B. signed an artist deal with the rad folks over at D'Addario/Planet Waves! She'll be playing them on and off stage going forward, just as she has been for fifteen years. So cool!

Friendship Commanders have been hard at work on their new EP, GARFIELD, to be released on Cassette Store Day 2015, October 17th. It's a brand new batch of songs that focus more on their hardcore leanings. We're proud to be releasing it on TTS.

Also, FC made some new limited-edition merch with their lightning logo. These bags were made with a hand-cut stencil and some good ol' spray paint. It's a run of fifteen bags, and they're all hand-numbered. They come in two sizes: Small, 13.5" x 13.5 (black only), and Large, 18" x 15.5" (Black, Grey, Brown, and Natural). Can be used to carry rekkids, skateboards, groceries, art supplies, guitar cables etc. Grab one!

Lastly, the show FC were scheduled to play on August 29th was canceled. BUT, they're playing the 26th at Springwater in Nashville, and they'll be live on the WRFN Nashville (103.7 & 107.1) the next night, August 27th. Tune in at 9 pm CST to hear them on The Real Music City, playing live and talking about what they're up to. Should be a great time!