New Halloween Single by FC!

Happy almost Halloween!

Friendship  Commanders have just released their third Halloween single,"The Killing Moon." This beloved 1984 song by Echo and the Bunnymen was just dying to be re-recorded, so they caved in. As always, all of the single's proceeds will be donated to addiction research. This year, donations will be made in loving memory of Ryan McNulty.

If you're in need of more spooky cheer, feel free to partake of FC's Halloween singles from years past, "Pet Sematary" (2013) and "Them Bones"(2014).

Thanks to everyone who made the GARFIELD release weekend such a blast, and to everyone who has bought the EP so far! Grab a copy today!




Friendship Commanders' new GARFIELD EP is now up for pre-order! The EP will be released on October 17th, and at that time, we will send out all pre-ordered cassettes (which each include a digital download) AND make the freestanding digital download available. For now, we're just allowing the order of the hard-copy tapes. There are only one-hundred in existence, they're each hand-numbered, and one dollar of every EP sold will be donated to animal rescue efforts. The third track, "Jean Dark," is up for preview and will also download immediately with your pre-order. ORDER NOW!



B.A. signs with D'Addario, New EP for FC in October, and New Merch!


We have all kinds of news around here: B. signed an artist deal with the rad folks over at D'Addario/Planet Waves! She'll be playing them on and off stage going forward, just as she has been for fifteen years. So cool!

Friendship Commanders have been hard at work on their new EP, GARFIELD, to be released on Cassette Store Day 2015, October 17th. It's a brand new batch of songs that focus more on their hardcore leanings. We're proud to be releasing it on TTS.

Also, FC made some new limited-edition merch with their lightning logo. These bags were made with a hand-cut stencil and some good ol' spray paint. It's a run of fifteen bags, and they're all hand-numbered. They come in two sizes: Small, 13.5" x 13.5 (black only), and Large, 18" x 15.5" (Black, Grey, Brown, and Natural). Can be used to carry rekkids, skateboards, groceries, art supplies, guitar cables etc. Grab one!

Lastly, the show FC were scheduled to play on August 29th was canceled. BUT, they're playing the 26th at Springwater in Nashville, and they'll be live on the WRFN Nashville (103.7 & 107.1) the next night, August 27th. Tune in at 9 pm CST to hear them on The Real Music City, playing live and talking about what they're up to. Should be a great time!



Friendship Commanders on the road and a new single by Buick Audra!


Friendship Commanders have some short tours lined up throughout the summer. Several dates are already, with many more yet to be announced. Check back!


6/07/15 --- Exponent Manor, Nashville TN

6/12/15 --- Star Bar, Atlanta GA

6/13/15 --- Sluggo's, Pensacola FL

6/28/15 --- The Nick, Birmingham AL

8/08/15 --- Radio Room, Greenville SC

8/14/15 --- Kaiju, Louisville KY

8/15/15 --- PG, Evansville IN

8/16/15 --- Crush Grove, Bloomington IN

8/29/15 --- Turn One, Nashville TN

Also, last month Buick Audra released her first solo single in four years, "Brother Blue." It was one of two songs she performed at the Re-Visioning Justice conference in April, the other being a brand new piece called "Relievers." She wrote this song in 2008 as part of a body of work that she intended to turn into an album called Love & Lightning

As she was leaving the conference, a woman stopped her and asked if there was a recording of "Brother Blue" that she could purchase. Buick told her the truth, that there wasn't. She looked quite disappointed and added that she wanted to give it to someone whose loved one was about to be incarcerated. Buick decided to record it for them. Jerry Roe and Derek Wells were both available and willing to contribute their talents and time to the recording, and here it is. 

Any money that is made from this recording will be donated to Jail Guitar Doors, an organization that works to provide inmates with music equipment as a means for rehabilitation. Buick believes in rehabilitation and recovery, for all people. She - and we at TTS - believe in finding ways to be compassionate and supportive. 

Thanks for stopping by.


New Halloween single by Friendship Commanders!

Happy Halloween! What better way to celebrate than with the new single by Friendship Commanders? They covered "Them Bones" by Alice in Chains this year, and had a blast doing it. Some of you may remember their Halloween single last year, a cover of the Ramones' beloved "Pet Sematary," and all proceeds from the FC version were donated to the Hazelden Foundation in memory of Dee Dee Ramone. This year, they will donate all proceeds in the name of Layne Staley. You can buy both of them for a dollar (each) - or more!

Have a spooky Holiday

"Them Bones"

release date: 10/28/14


Pre-order TSS001 by Friendship Commanders!

The first Three-Sided-Single to be released by TTS is now available for pre-order! Cassette Store Day 2014 is this Saturday, September 27th, and FC want you to be able to get ahold of one of these limited edition tapes! There are only one-hundred and fifty in existence, they're each hand-numbered, and they come with a free digital download code. The recordings will not be available anywhere else, so grab one while you can! All pre-ordered cassettes will be mailed on the 27th. 

Release Date: 9/27/14


TTS Records to release first Three-Sided-Single in September!


We're thrilled to announce that TTS's own Friendship Commanders will be releasing a Three-Sided-Single for Cassette Store day, 2014! This year, CSD will be on September 27th, with in-store events, shows and releases all over the U.S. and England. 

FC are hard at work in the studio with their three songs, and there should be more news about the details soon. For now, we do know that the artwork for the single will be done by B. David Walsh, musician and artist extraordinaire. Check back for more updates about this and other releases!



Welcome to the brand new site! It's still a work in progress, but now all of the TTS projects and their respective releases can be found in one place - so we're on our way to good, good things. 

The year is almost at a close after an exciting, full twelve months. We get to kick off 2014 with Boey Russell's first full-length album release in January! Until then, please check out the song that he collaborated with Buick Audra on; it's called "Genevieve," and we hope you love it. It's a free download for a limited time, but if you choose to pay for it, your money will go toward Retinitis Pigmentosa research. 

Thanks again, and Happy new year!